Caesarea geographical analysis

The town is made up of “clusters” or Neighborhoods, at this time there are 11 clusters, one resort style complex and one new cluster currently under development not yet on the market.
Each cluster in Caesarea has many benefits and advantages, some similar, some different.
When asked – “which cluster is the best?” I always explain that in each cluster you benefit from different points and it depends on what you are looking for in a neighborhood.

Description by cluster number:


Cluster 2:

Only 250 meters from the beach and arguably Caesarea’s most prestigious and affluent cluster, located almost in the heart of the town, this cluster holds a prominent history in Israel and in Caesarea. Being one of two original clusters, established over 40 years ago,  it has a list of past and current prestigious residents, such as President Ezer Weitzman, the Baronesse de Rothschild owns her private estate in this cluster, nationally recognized Israeli artist Reuben Reuven, Israeli Cabinet member Gideon Pat, retired army commander of ground forces Yanush Ben Gal, or and other affluent Israelis and non-residents. Many of the clusters’ parcels command spectacular white water ocean views with the 2000 year old roman aqueduct in plain site. This cluster has the most sqm per resident in all of Caesarea because the parcels are oversized and many residents own multiple and consecutive parcels. This parcel is designed for the affluent buyer, seeking ultimate peace, quiet and seclusion along with prestige.

Cluster 3 :

This cluster is located in the heart of Caesarea between the town center and the aqueduct beach, originally developed as a “time share” concept hotel, and over the years has evolved into a very desirable and profitable cluster. Residents of this cluster love the proximity to all points of major interest in town ,Walk to school, town center, health club, synagogue and beach in minutes. Younger kids earn freedom to roam around and enjoy true Israeli suburban living. It is also the most heavily populated and crowded cluster of all because you can find 60 sqm apartments up to 400 sqm luxury villas. Certain parcels on Livneh street command the most breathtaking and spectacular ocean views in all of Israel.

Cluster 4, 5, 6

These three clusters are bundled together because they share many common characteristics; also the street leading thru them is consecutive so they invisibly connect. When searching for small cul-de-sac streets, each parcel surrounded by mature gardens adjacent to protected green zones and only several hundred meters from the shore, you can locate these in 4,5,& 6.  Cluster 4 and 5 tend to attract, because of proximity to the synagogue, spiritual and shomer shabbat residents. Residents in this cluster range in age from younger upscale families with financial means to original owners who bought parcels and built homes over 25 years ago. These clusters tend to attract homeowners looking for a slower pace, less traffic, privacy, less interaction with neighbors ,if desired, sounds of birds chirping and ocean waves crashing in the distance are most dominant here. Over the past several years, these neighborhoods have seen an increase in interest from Russian and Ukrainian buyers, including Mr. Valeriey Kogan, who is building Israel’s most magnificent and largest private home, and other Oligarchs who wish to remain anonymous. Many of the parcels offer breathtaking ocean/sunset views and pleasant western breezes year round.

Cluster 7 :

Cluster 7 has been built for about 15 years and includes young families with children as well as mature residents. The cluster is family oriented with several parks, walk to school without crossing a major street. The eastern side of the cluster runs adjacent to a protected nature reserve and one of Israel’s major highways beyond, thus creating open green zones for the eastern homes. Topographically higher than the western clusters, several of the prime located parcels have beautiful ocean views in the distance.

Cluster 8 :

Cluster 8 is Caesarea’s first cluster, and this is evident in the fully grown gardens and trees located on the streets and in the parcels. This cluster includes a variety of resident demographics from young families to mature empty-nesters. Because of its proximity to the town center, synagogue and beach, it is highly desirable by residents living in the extreme clusters. Many of the parcels are adjacent to protected green zones and therefore offer expanded space and nature to the owners.

Cluster 9

With one street first line to the Golf course and another street facing west with ocean views, cluster 9 has always attract the very affluent residents. The cluster is about 15 years old and its resident list includes some of Israel’s wealthiest families: The Wertheimers, Lapidots, Alexanders and others. Quiet streets, fenced parcels with privacy and tranquility, cluster 9 remains one of caesarea’s most prestigious clusters.

Cluster 10 :

Cluster 10, caesarea’s northern most cluster, offers some the best ocean views of the entire town. On the west, it sits at sea level, and gradually ascends as you travel east, so that almost every home enjoys panoramic or partial sea views from 2nd floor or roof top. Residents in this parcel include many of the Israeli Defense Forces top commanders and pilots, as well as young families. Israel’s top biomedical entrepreneur, billionaire Shlomo Ben-Haim chose to build his beach front home in this cluster. Several hundred yards north of this cluster you will experience true Middle-eastern culture and ambiance because the arab town of Jis’r a Zarka is our neighbor.

Cluster 11 :

Considered Caesarea’s true “family cluster” cluster 11 enjoys the highest number of children as well as the highest number of children per sqm. It also includes mature families with means to live on the golf course in ultra luxury large estates. It includes a relatively large park , many school bus stops, comfortable sidewalks, and is easily accessible to highway to Tel-Aviv and Haifa.

Cluster 12 :

264 parcels, not yet for sale, for constructing villas.

Cluster 13 :

Caesarea’s youngest cluster, still under construction and includes a wide range of demographic residents. Cluster 13 is a newly built neighborhood still growing and maturing. Several homes are located on the golf course offering true Caesarea living and lifestyle. This cluster is an architects dream to drive thru and see what imagination and money can create. .
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